Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2018 Full Episode 1419

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March

Param tells Simmi now Raman is getting closer to his family and getting impressed by Ishita. Simmi asks what she can do now. He tells her to do nothing until he tells her. He gets a call from Nikhil who asks him to see him in jail else he will expose him to everyone. Param goes.

Ruhi is crying. Raman comes to her. He says sorry to her for not remembering parts of his life. He couldn’t be a good father. Ruhi tells him he’s world’s best father. He is back so everything will be fine. Raman says he should go and thank Ishita as Nikhi’s true face came out only because of her. Ruhi thinks at least he is going to Ishita, maybe he will remember what his relationship is with Ishita.

Shagun is angry at Nikhil. Ishita tells her all this happened because of Simmi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March : She had scared Ruhi so much that she didn’t speak up. Shagun says she will go and see Simmi.. she is too much. Ishita says she is handling Simmi her way. She doesn’t want more drama in front of Ruhi. Shagun agrees and tells Ishita to let her know if she needs any help. After call, Shagun says Nikhil shouldn’t get bail and must be punished. She goes to meet lawyer and check chargesheet against Nikhil.

Raman comes to Ishita. He hesitantly says he wants to talk to her, but just then Nilu says Ruhi is not eating. Ishita goes to Ruhi. Ruhi says she doesn’t want to eat. Whole family gathers and convinces Ruhi to eat. Raman smiles seeing Ishita feeding Ruhi. He too then joins them. Simmi doesn’t look happy. Ishita asks where is Toshiji. Raman’s dad says she is not well. She will eat later. Ishita goes to Toshiji and says Ruhi won’t eat if she doesn’t come. Toshiji joins everyone. After dinner, Raman waits for everyone to leave. Ishita asks if he needs anything. Doorbell rings. Ishita’s mom needs some help, so Ishita goes with her. Simmi is annoyed seeing Raman and Ishita getting closer. She wonders what Nikhil would be saying to Param.

Nikhil asks Param to get him out. Param says he can’t do any help right now and also tells him not say anything to anyone about him because he doesn’t have any proof. Shagun comes to police station and sees Param leaving. Inspector says he came to see Nikhil. Shagun wonders why Param came to see Nikhil?

Ishita ( Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March ) is recalling recent events with Ruhi. Raman comes and asks if he can sit. She says sure. He tells her that she can share what’s in her mind with him. He knows she is very disturbed with what happened with Ruhi. He couldn’t even remember he is Ruhi’s father and he is glad that Ishita is with her. Her real mother wouldn’t even do this much. Simmi told him that her real mother left her when she was very young. He also apologizes Ishita for shouting at her. Ishita is surprised. He then says it’s good that she married him, even if by lying or cheating. At least his children will get mother’s love. He goes for walk. Ishita laughs. Param heard all this. He goes to Ishita and asks why she is giving him false hopes. He will forget this moment as well. Ishita says they will make new moment tomorrow again, for now this is good enough. She leaves saying she doesn’t feel like talking to him, she is very happy.

Shagun meets Nikhil and says she will make sure he gets at least 10 years in jail time. Nikhil tells her that Param was behind all this. He will give testimony against him, just get him out of jail. Shagun says after what he did, he will surely get punished. Nikhil says he wants Param to be punished as well.

Ishita searches for Raman’s medicines. She wonders where Simmi could have kept it. Param comes and says she won’t find it. Ishita says she will find them in next 2 days and him and Simmi will be out of the house. He says they will see who is out of the house after 2 days. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March

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