Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2018

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February Episode 2018

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February

The Episode starts with Kartik coming for the round. Naira sits. Kartik applies the nail polish. The lady says Kartik will win, he keeps following his wife always. Suwarna says Kartik, be careful while you apply it. Jiji says apply it with love. Adaa says almost all couples’ nail paint is done, I will check and say whose nail paint is best, I m surprised, all worked with determination, but winner will be just one, Kartik and Naira are the winners of this round. Everyone claps.

Suwarna thanks Dadi for being happy today. Adaa asks how many were uncomfortable about this round. The men raise hands. Adaa says I can understand, we are taught that wife’s place is in husband’s feet, she is known as devoted wife, if husband does this, he is called henpecked husband, right. Dadi


looks on. Jiji smiles. Adaa asks who are we to judge anyone’s relation, like everyone have different faces and qualities, relations can also be different. Naira thinks what does Kartik want to tell me. Kartik thinks its our relation, you should asked my point of view once. Adaa says sorry if I have hurt anyone, we will have a final round, couple will have to put their thoughts in words, just remember the words that come from heart touches heart. Rajshri signs Suwarna. They go. Aryan thinks how to make this divorce papers reach Kartik and Naira. He hears some men talking about sending folders to contestants. Aryan keeps papers in a folder. The men leave. Aryan says this didn’t go in Naira’s folder, this will take much time now. Kids see him and think its some surprise.

Suwarna asks Naira did she write what she has to say, ask yourself, this relation is yours, no one else can say what’s good in it. Rajshri says Suwarna told me, how could you make this mistake. Naira says when someone says same thing again and again, you start feeling its true. Rajshri says you might have agreed as elders have experience, you created their distance. Suwarna says no one can feel your pain, if anyone has right to say, its Kartik. Rajshri says whom you love so much, you have hurt him. Naira says I didn’t say anything as he can feel bad. Rajshri asks will you decide this. Suwarna says let me be with you, face problems together, what’s the point to suffer alone. Kartik writes his feelings.






Rajshri asks did you tell Kartik about your indifference. Suwarna explains that they are special, this relation is more special. Kartik makes a frog and tigress love story. Suwarna says we can’t bear to see this, do something for yourself and Kartik. Kartik says I forgot to write that. He takes the paper again. Suwarna says make your relation stronger by love and trust on your marriage anniversary. Kartik gets shocked seeing divorce paper. Dadi asks Jiji to stay till competition ends. Jiji says my flight will be missed, I know the result. Dadi says Kartik and Naira will win. Jiji says you proved everything is perfect, but children proved bigger thing, relation breaks by ego, both of them have to balance relation, I understand you and your thinking, you raised your kids like a dad. Dadi says our society discriminates man and woman even today.




Jiji says we make this society, I know you are affected by society, but family’s happiness is more imp, perfect family is one where everyone is happy, go and sit, I will take a leave. She leaves. Aryan comes back. Adaa calls the contestants on stage. Kartik doesn’t come. Adaa calls him out. A lady informs her. Adaa says sorry but Mr. Kartik has withdrawn from this competition. They all get shocked. Kartik walks on the road and cries. He says I thought you love me, you trust me, you always proved me wrong, I couldn’t think you will do this with me, you shouldn’t have sent divorce papers. He cries. Jaise ki akhri….plays…. He recalls their marriage. Naira gets Kartik’s letter torn. She says why did he not tell me. She gets shocked seeing divorce papers.

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